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Want to go above and beyond and get instructions tailored to you - Book private classes with our instructors.

Why take private classes?

A private dance class provides the opportunity to work one-on-one with a teacher who is committed to helping you achieve your goals at your own pace and in privacy.

100% personal focus

All attention is on you. Get personal skill assessment and set your needs, goals and learning plan together with your teacher. With private dance lessons you can enjoy the individual attention at as high a level of detail as is needed to achieve your goals.

Accelerated growth

Whit private classes and support from your teacher every step on the way your knowledge and skills will grow rapidly and you will meat your millstones in a much shorter time.

Tailored to you

Busy schedule? No problem we will meet your scheduling needs and find the best time for your private practice sessions.

Contact us for booking

In the message section tell us which instructor you would like to book for your private class. We will get back to you with the instructors availability within 24h/