Dance tutorials

Do you want to take classes at your own speed? No problem! Our video tutorials are recorded so you can pause, rewind and watch as many times you like. You can access all of the dance tutorials at any time.

Tutorials for Kizomba UrbanKiz Bachata  High Heels Semba Tarraxo Zouk Belly dance Chair dance Yoga Samba

Our tutorials are designed for all levels weather you just started dancing and need guidance trough your first steps or whether you are a long time dancer who needs new inspiration and sharpening your skills.

Kizomba Fusion with
Anna Laguer

Kizomba & Tarraxinha with Giada Ligas

UrbanKiz & High Heels with Miranda Kittie

Twerk & Afro with Ella Shalom

Tango Fusion with Francesca Mănăilă

Samba & Fitness with Irina Privalova

UrbanKiz with Helga Huzak

Twerk with Valeria Grigorieva

UrbanKiz & Tarraxo with Yana Tyan

UrbanKiz with Undine V.

Kizomba with Lanna Zamora

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