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Anna Laguer

Anna Laguer is a teacher of Kizomba Fusion Lady Style and a founder of “Dance for Ladies”. Based in Moscow, Russia.

She has loved dancing her entire life. Anna started taking dance classes at the age of 7 and did folk dance classes, breakdance, hip-hop. In 2014 she was quickly immersed in the moves taught by her Salsa and Bachata instructors. Soon Anna was charmed by the rhythmic and sensual compositions of Kizomba which took her over.

One year later she began teaching Kizomba, primarily instructing couples. In 2016 her attention turned toward working directly to empower women in dancing. The style she delivers integrates Kizomba, Tarraxinha, Tarraxo, Bachata, Tango and elements of other dance methods. This Fusion of techniques is rooted in the basic steps of Kizomba.

"My life evolves with this dance and I am totally moved and privileged to share my love of dance with all women interested. My aim is to provide a framework for ladies to truly express their femininity with grace and attitude!"

Undine V.

Undine Is an international UrbanKiz & Ladystyling teacher from Latvia based in Denmark. She has been dancing various dance styles all her life from the age of 3. From 8 years in Competitive Ballroom & standard Latin to Hip Hop and pole dance. To discovering Salsa, bachata and finally Kizomba/UrbanKiz.

Undines biggest dance passion for the past 4 years is UrbanKiz.She enjoys teaching it as a leader and follower and has a strong foundation for both. Undine enjoys sharing her love and knowledge for dance with her students and aims to inspire people to discover themselves trough dance.