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Dancing is an amazing way to get fit, express emotions, explore the grace that lives inside you, open up and be more confident!

Explore different dance styles Kizomba UrbanKiz Bachata  High Heels Semba Tarraxo Zouk Belly dance Chair dance Yoga

Online dance classes give you the option to try out many different styles to find your favorite and create your own unique flavour.

What we offer

You get tired, want to get away from everyday routine, clear your mind and add more colors to your life? Online dance classes are a great way to do it! By training only 15 min a day on our platform you will see noticeable changes in your life!


We got your back with tutorials for all levels for a variety of dance styles. Useful tips, various techniques, different instructors at the comfort of your home!

Online Classes

We offer weekly Live Classes to get you connected with our instructors and receive direct teaching & feedback.

Video Courses

Interested to dive deep into details – we got you. Our instructors offer Training package video series focusing on specific topic close up.

Private Classes

Want to go beyond and get instructions tailored to you. Book private classes with our instructors.


Our monthly challenges are a fun way how to push yourself, get out of that comfort zone and at the same time win awesome prizes.


Share your dance experiences, progress videos and best of all – get feedback and input from our instructors and other memebers.

The instructors

Amazing women from all around the world. Our instructors have your back! They are here to support you on your way to your New Self!

Subscription Pricing

Start your online dance journey with 150+ tutorials and enjoy new releases for all styles every month.


$ 24
  • Access to all Tutorials

Basic +

$ 44
  • Access to all Tutorials & ALL Live Classes

Live Classes

$ 34
  • Access to all Live Classes

Full package

$ 324
  • Years Access to all Tutorials & Live Classes

What our community says


Most frequent questions and answers
Yes, absolutely. When you become part of our community you can get help and support from our instructors either via our closed Facebook group or by messaging us privately.
No you don’t. Our instructors provide tutorials, classes and courses for all levels. 
Absolutely not. Dancing is for everyone at any age and time of their lives. 
Our tutorials are crated with your busy daily life in mind – they are short and down to point from so you can learn as easy as only using  2-10 min a day or a week.

Anything that you feel comfortable in and that allows you a various range of motions. There is no specific dress code 🙂 Be yourself.

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Feel free to contact us and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.