We are here for YOU to feel empowered, confident and feminine through dance.

We are all about YOU falling in LOVE with YOURSELF.

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Diversity is strength. Discover multiple dance styles & create YOUR own UNIQUE flavor of dance. 

Our instructors come from different countries and dance backgrounds. 
Check them out and their unique styles!


Feel confident with yourself and on the dance floor with strong following and on point styling skills. Develop your technique, steps and body movement. Evolve your styling, self expression & creativity as a dancer.

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What you will have access to


We got your back with tutorials for all levels for a variety of dance styles, whether you just started your dance journey or have been dancing for years. From beginner, intermediate to advanced.

Live classes

We offer free live classes as part of different campaigns and special gifts to our subscribers. As well as the chance to have private classes with our instructors.


Become a part of our community. You can  join the closed Facebook group where you have the chance to meet other women from around the world, share your dance experiences, progress videos and best of all – get feedback and input from our instructors !

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Start dancing with 100+ tutorials and enjoy new releases every month. 

What our subscribers say about us

"I would like to give my opinion about classes available on the website. I did all beginners already and I started intermediate. I love the way of explaining the movement and topics. It's really helpful and even I thought I know many things....I discovered that I don't know the technique and proper way to do it. I'm impressed of yours knowledge ( all of you) and the way you all explain.
"The video tutorials are so helpful. They help me correct bad habits and improve my skills through short and concise explanation. I especially enjoy the variety of teachers and their specialties. Anna with her beautiful hip movement, Undine and her precise Urban Kiz, Dylane’s powerful Tarraxo and Miranda’s sassy moves add up to a powerful team that send power your way! I keep coming back to the site because there is always more to learn and new videos. Thank you all🙏"
"Dance for Ladies it's an amazing solution during pandemic and lockdown. I especially love the Live Zoom classes every week. We create a beautiful community of powerful women from all around the world who love to dance!"

Danceforladies – made by women for women !